I help people & organizations get unstuck.

– Craig Johnson

Leadership Coaching that helps you get UNSTUCK by analyzing your current realities and personalizing a plan to spark your creativity, ignite your resolve, and move you forward toward your dreams.

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Corporate Training designed to help your business get UNSTUCK by implementing a proven strategy, customized to take you and your team from where you are to where you want to be.

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I am a professional communicator & storyteller based in Nashville, TN. Stories are the language of the soul. They speak to us in ways that facts and figures do not. My job is to find great stories and tell them in ways that inspire action. My desire is to show how the worst parts of a story, the greatest challenges and biggest failures, can become the best parts. I have over two decades of professional experience speaking with varied audiences of dozens to thousands. Let’s tell some stories!

Brand Strategy crafted to create a repeatable marketing and sales strategy that turns your online presence into automated sales staff by generating organic leads and closing more sales.

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